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ktivlo", KTI vLOS

KTI vLOS »iØ1/4, on , tame, docile, gentle, Pind.

II. as Subst. , ktivlo", oJ , a ram, Il. Hence ktilovw


ktiØlovw , f. wvsw , to tame: Med. , ejktilwvsanto ta;" loipa;" tw`nÆAmazovnwn got them tamed, Hdt.


ktivsi" »iØ1/4, ew", hJ , ( ktivzw ) a founding, foundation, ajpoikiw`n Isocr ., etc.

2. loosely, = pra`xi" , a doing, an act, Pind.
3. a creating, the creation of the universe, N.T.
II. that which was created, the creation, Ib.
2. an authority created or ordained, Ib.


ktivsma , tov , ( ktivzw ) anything created, a creature, N.T.


ktivsth" , ou, oJ , ( ktivzw ) a founder, Lat. conditor , Luc .: a restorer, Plut.


ktistuv" , uvo", oJ , Ion. for ktivsi" , Hdt.


ktivstwr , oro", oJ , = ktivsth" , Eur.


ktivth" »iØ1/4, oJ , = ktivsth" : generally, an inhabitant, Eur.


ktuØpevw , f. hvsw : aor. I ejktuvphsa , poët. ktuvphsa : Ep. aor. 2 e[ktuØpon and ktuvpon : ( ktuvpo" ):— to crash, of trees falling, Il.; of thunder, Hom. , Soph.

2. to ring, resound, echo, Il., etc.
II. Causal, to make to ring or resound, cqovna ; c. dupl. acc. , ktuvphse kra`ta plagavn made the head ring with a blow, Eur. :—hence again in Pass. to ring, resound, Ar.


ktuvphma »uØ1/4, ato", tov , = ktuvpo", ceirov" Eur.

ktuvpo", KTU vPOS

KTU vPOS »uØ1/4, ou, oJ , any loud noise, a crash of thunder, Il., Aesch. ; of the trampling of feet, Hom. ; of a storm, Aesch. ; battle- din, clash of arms, Id.


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