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kuØbernhtikov" , hv, ovn , good at steering, Plat .; Comp. -wvtero" , Id.; Sup. -wvtato" , Xen. :— hJ -khv ( sc. tevcnh ) the pilots art, Plat.


kuØbeuthv" , ou`, oJ , ( kubeuvw ) a dicer, gambler, Xen. Hence kubeutikov"


kuØbeutikov" , hv, ovn , of or for dice-playing, Aeschin.

II. skilled in dice-playing, Plat.


kuØbeuvw , f. sw , ( kuvbo" ) to play at dice, Ar ., etc.

2. metaph. to run a risk or hazard, Xen ., etc. ; c. acc. to hazard, venture on, Eur .: —Pass. to be set upon a stake, Anth.


KuØbhvbh , hJ , = Kubevlh , q.v.


kuØbistavw , f. hvsw , ( kuvptw ) to tumble head foremost, tumble, Il., Xen. , etc. Hence kubivsthma


kuØbivsthma , ato", tov , a summerset, Luc .; and kubivsthsi"


kuØbivsthsi" , ew", hJ , a summerset, Luc .; and kubisththvr


kuØbisththvr , h`ro", oJ , a tumbler, Hom.

2. a diver, Il. 3. one who pitches headlong, Eur.

kuvbo", KU vBOS

KU vBOS »uØ1/4, oJ , Lat. cubus , a cube: a cubical die, marked on all 6 sides (whereas the ajstravgalo" was marked only on four sides), in pl. , dice, Hdt ., etc. ; the Greeks threw with three dice, so that tri;" e{x , three sixes, was the highest throw, Aesch. , Plat. ; krivnein ti ejn kuvboi" to decide it by the dice, by chance, Aesch.

2. also of the single pips on the dice, bevblhkÆ jAcilleu;" duvo kuvbw kai; tevssara he has thrown two aces and a four, Aesch. ap. Ar.

II. a cubic number, i.e. a number multiplied twice into itself, as 27 is the cube of 3, Plat.


kuØdavzw , ( kuvdo", oJ ) to revile: Pass. to be reviled, Soph.

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