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kuØdoimov" , oJ , the din of battle, uproar, hubbub, Il., Ar. (Formed from the sound.)

ku`do", K `UDOS

K `UDOS , eo", tov , glory, renown, esp. in war, Il.: of a single person, ku`do" jAcaiw`n glory of the Achaians, like Lat. decus , Hom.


ku<Eth>drov" , av, ovn , ( ku`do" ) = kudavlimo" , glorious, illustrious, noble, Hom ., Hes. ; of a horse, proud, stately, Xen. (For the irreg. Comp. and Sup. , v. kuvdisto" .)


KuØdwvnio" , a, on , ( Kuvdwn ) Cydonian: mh`lon K . a quince, Stesich., etc.

II. metaph. swelling like a quince, round and plump, Ar.

kuevw`, KUE v`W

KUE vW : impf. ejkuvoun : f. kuhvsw : aor. I ejkuvhsa :—like kuvw , to bear in the womb, to be pregnant with a child, Lat. gestare , Il., Plat.

2. absol. to be pregnant, be with child, Hdt.


Kuvziko" , hJ , an island and town on the coast of Mysia, Hdt. :—hence KuziØkhnov" , hv, ovn , of or from Cyzicus: oJ Kuzikhnov" (with or without stathvr ), a gold coin, Xen.


kuvhma , ato", tov , ( kuevw ) that which is conceived, an embryo, foetus, Plat.


kuhrov" , av, ovn , pregnant, Hesych.


kuvhsi" , ew", hJ , conception, Plat.


kuvqe , 3 sing. Ep. aor. 2 of keuvqw .


KuØqevreia , hJ , Cythereia, surname of Aphrodité, Od.:—also Kuqevrh and Kuqhriav" , avdo" , Anth. From Kuvqhra


Kuvqhra »uØ1/4, tav , an island, now Cerigo, to the south of Laconia, Hom. :— Kuqhvroqen , Adv. from Cythera, Il.:— Adj. Kuqhvrio" , a, on , Cytherean, Ib., etc. ; hJ Kuqhriva ( sc. gh` ) Xen.

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