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Kuqhro-divkh" , ou, oJ , a Spartan magistrate sent annually to govern the island of Cythera, Thuc.


kuvqra, kuvqro" , Ion. for cuvtra, cuvtro" .


kui?skomai , Pass. , only in pres. , to conceive, become pregnant, Hdt ., Plat.

ku kavw, KU KA vW

K ØUKA vW , f. hvsw , to stir up and mix, beat up, Hom ., Ar. : Med. in Act. sense, Ar.

II. like taravssw , to stir up, to throw into confusion or disorder, confound, Aesch ., Ar. , Plat. , etc. :— Pass. to be confounded, panic-stricken, Il.; of waves, Hom. ; uJpÆ ajndro;" toxovtou kukwvmeno" hustled by him, Ar. Hence kukewvn


kuØkewvn , w`no", oJ : acc. kukew`na , Ep. shortd. kukew` and Ep. kukeiw` : ( kukavw ):— mixed drink, a potion, tankard, made of barley-meal, grated cheese and wine, Hom.

II. metaph. of any mixture, medley, Luc.


kukhvqhn , Ep. aor. I of kukavw .


kuvkhqron »uØ1/4, tov , a ladle for stirring: metaph. an agitator, Ar.


kuvkhsi" »uØ1/4, ew", hJ , a stirring up, mixing up, Plat.


kuØkhsiv-tefro" , on , ( tevfra ) mixed with ashes, Ar.


kuklav" , avdo", hJ , ( kuvklo" ) round, circular; and of Time, revolving, Eur .; aiJ Kuklavde" ( sc. nh`soi ), the Cyclades, islands in the Aegaean sea, which encircle Delos, Att.


kuklevw »uØ by nature], f. hvsw , ( kuvklo" fin .) to move round and round, wheel along, c. acc ., Il.

2. to move round or in a circle, Soph .; bavsin kuklei`n , metaph. from dogs questing about for the scent, Id.; k. provswpon to turn the face round, look round, Eur.

II. Med. and Pass. to form a circle round, to surround, encompass, encircle, Hdt ., Soph.
2. to go round and round, revolve, Plat.


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