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6. a round shield, v. supr. 1. 1.
7. in pl. the eye-balls, eyes, Soph .:—rarely in sing. , the eye, Id.
III. any circular motion, an orbit of the heavenly bodies, revolution of the seasons, cycle of events, Hdt. , Eur.

2. a circular dance, Ar. Hence kuklovse


kuklovse , Adv. in or into a circle or round, Il.


kuklo-sobevw , f. hvsw , to drive round in a circle, whirl round, Ar.


kuklo-terhv" , ev" , ( teivrw ) made round by turning (as in a lathe), Hdt. : then, generally, round, circular, Hom. , etc. ; kuklotere;" tovxon e[teinen stretched it into a circle, Il.


kuklovw , f. wvsw : pf. kekuvklwka :— Med. , f. -wvsomai : aor. I ejkuklwsavmhn :— Pass. , aor. I ejkuklwvqhn : ( kuvklo" ):— to encircle, surround, Eur .:—so in Med. , Hdt. , Aesch. , etc. :— Pass. to be surrounded, Aesch ., Thuc.

II. to move in a circle, whirl round, Pind ., Eur. :— Pass. or Med. to go in a circle, go round, Xen .; metaph. , Aesch.

III. to form into a circle, tovxa Anth .: —Pass ., of a bow, to form a circle, Eur .; cf. kukloterhv" .


kuvklwma , ato", tov , that which is rounded into a circle, a wheel, Eur .; bursovtonon kuvklwma a hide-stretched circle, i.e. a drum, Id.


Kuklwvpeio" , a, on , ( Kuvklwy ) Cyclopean, commonly used of the architecture attributed to the Cyclopes, (also called Pelasgikov" ), Eur.


Kuklwpikw`" , Adv. like the Cyclopes, K. zh`n to live a savage unsocial life, Arist.


Kuklwvpion , tov , Dim. of Kuvklwy , little Cyclops, Eur.


Kuklwvpio" , a, on , = Kuklwvpeio" , Eur. : hJ K. gh` , i.e. Mycenae, Id.:— fem. Kuklwpiv" , ivdo" , Id.


kuvklwsi" , ew", hJ , ( kuklovw ) a surrounding, in a battle, Xen. ; th;n plevona kuvklwsin sfw`n the larger body that was endeavouring to surround them, Thuc.

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