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kuklwtov" , hv, ovn , ( kuklovw ) rounded, round, Aesch.


Kuvkl-wy »uØ by nature], wpo", oJ , a Cyclops, properly Round-eye. —The Cyclopes appear in Od. as savage giants, dwelling in Sicily; in sing. of Polyphemus: —they were builders of the walls of Mycenae, etc. , ta; Kuklwvpwn bavqra , i.e. Mycenae, Eur.


kuvkneio" , a, on , of a swan, Anth.


kuknov-morfo" , on , ( morfhv ) swan-shaped, Aesch.


kuknov-ptero" , on , ( pterovn ) swan-plumed, Eur.

kuvkno", KU vKNOS

KU vKNOS , oJ , a swan, Il., etc. :— metaph. , from the legends of the swans dying song ( Aesch. , Plat. ), a minstrel, Anth.


kuvkn-oyi" , ew", oJ, hJ , swan-like, Anth.


kuØlindevw , f. hvsw , = kulivndw , Plat. , Xen.


kuØlindhvqra , hJ , = ajlindhvqra , q.v.


kuØlivndhsi" , ew", hJ , a rolling, wallowing, Plut.


kuvlindro" »uØ1/4, oJ , a roller, cylinder, Plut. From ku livndw

ku livndw`, KU LI vND `W

K ØULI vNDW : (tenses formed from kulivw ), aor. I ejkuvli<Eth>sa :— Pass. , f. kulisqhvsomai : aor. I ejkulivsqhn , Ep. kul- : pf. kekuvlismai :— to roll, roll along or down, Od., Soph. , etc. : metaph. , ph`ma qeo;" Danaoi`si kulivndei rolls down calamity upon one, Il.

2. to roll away, Anth.
II. Pass. to be rolled, roll along, roll, Hom .: to toss about like a ship at sea, Pind. : to be whirled round on a wheel, of Ixion, Id.

2. of persons, kulivndesqai kata; kovpron to roll or wallow in the dirt (in sign of grief), Hom. : to roam

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