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to and fro, wander about, Xen.

3. of Time, to roll by, Pind.
4. of words, to be tost from man to man, i.e. be much talked of, Lat. jactari , Ar.


kuvlix »uØ1/4, iØko", hJ , ( kuvw ) a cup, drinking-cup, winecup, Lat. calix , Hdt ., Pind. , etc. ; perielauvnein ta;" k . to push round the cup, Xen.


kuØlivsqhn , Ep. aor. I pass. of kulivndw .


kuvlisma , ato", tov , a rolling, wallowing, or a wallowing place, N.T.


kuØlivstra , hJ , a place for horses to roll in, Xen.


kuØlivw , later form of kulivndw , to roll along, Theocr ., Luc.


kullavsti" , Ion. -hvsti" , io", oJ , Aegyptian bread, Hdt.


kullhv , hJ , cf. kullov" .


Kullhvnh , hJ , CylleneΠ, a mountain in Arcadia, Il.; whence Hermes was called Kullhvnio" , Hom.


Kullo-podivwn »i<Eth>1/4, ono", oJ , ( pouv" ) crook-footed, halting, of Vulcan, Il.; voc. Kullopovdi<Eth>on Ib.

kullov", KULLO vS, kullov"

KULLO vS , hv, ovn , crooked, crippled, properly of legs bent outwards by disease, Ar. :— e[mbale kullh`/ ( sc. ceiriv ) put into a crooked hand, i.e. with the fingers crooked like a beggars, Id.


kuØl-oidiavw , ( kuvla, oijdavw ) to have a swelling below the eye, from a blow or from sleepless nights, Ar. , Theocr.


ku`ma , ato", tov , ( kuvw ) anything swoln (as if pregnant): —hence,

I. the swell of the sea, a wave, billow, Hom ., etc. ; collectively, wJ" to; ku`ma e{strwto when the swell abated, Hdt.
b. metaph. of a flood of men, Aesch. :— metaph. , k. a[th", kakw`n, sumfora`" Id., Eur.

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