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Kuprivdio" , a, on , ( Kuvpri" ) like Cypris, i.e. lovely, tender, Anth.


Kuvprio" , a, on , of Cyprus, Cyprian, Hdt ., etc.

II. Kuvpria, tav , an Epic poem introductory to the Il., Id.


Kuvpri" »uØ by nature], iØdo", hJ , acc. Kuvprin or Kuvprida , Cypris, a name of AphroditeŒ, from the island of Cyprus, where she was most worshipped, Il., Trag. , etc.

II. as appellat. love, passion, Eur ., etc.


Kupro-genhv" , ev" , ( givgnomai ) Cyprus-born, of Aphrodité, h. Hom. , etc. :— fem. Kupro-gevneia , hJ , Pind.


Kuprovqen , Adv. from Cyprus, Anth .; and Kuvpronde


Kuvpronde , Adv. to Cyprus, Il. From Kuvpro"


Kuvpro" , hJ , Cyprus, a Greek island on the S. coast of Asia Minor, Hom. , etc. :—the Romans got from it the best copper, Lat. cyprium .


kuptavzw , f. avsw , Frequent. of kuvptw , to keep stooping, to go poking about, potter about a thing, Ar. , Plat.


kuvptw (Root KUP ), f. kuvyw : aor. I e[kuya : pf. kevku<Eth>fa :— to bend forward, stoop down, Hom ., Hdt. , etc. ; qevei kuvya" runs with the head down, i.e. at full speed, Ar .; kuvya" ejsqivei eats stooping, i.e. greedily, Id.; kevrea kekufovta ej" to; e[mprosqen horns bent forward, of certain African oxen, Hdt.

2. to hang the head from shame, Ar.
3. to bow down under a burden, Dem.


Kuvrba" , anto", oJ , shortd, form of Koruvba" , q.v.


kurba±siva , hJ , a Persian bonnet or hat, with a peaked crown, prob. much like the tiavra , Hdt. : the King alone wore it upright, Ar.


kuvrbei" , ewn, aiJ , dat. kuvrbesin :— triangular tablets, fitted at the angles so as to form a pyramid of three

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