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sides, and having the earliest laws written on the sides, Ar. , Plat.

II. in sing. metaph. of a pettifogging lawyer, Ar.


Kuvreio" , a, on , of Cyrus, Xen.

ku revw, KU RE vW

K ØURE vW : impf. ejkuvroun »uØ1/4 : f. kuØrhvsw : aor. I ejkuvrhsa : pf. kekuvrhka :—also KU vRW »u<Eth>1/4 : impf. e[ku<Eth>ron , Ep. ku`ron : f. kuvrsw : aor. I e[kursa , part. kuvrsa" :— Med. kuvromai »u<Eth>1/4 in act. sense:

I. followed by a case, to hit, light upon:
1. c. dat. to light upon, meet with, fall in with, strike against, Il., Hes. :—of things, kurei`n tini to befall or be granted to him, Soph. , Eur.

2. c. gen. to hit the mark, like tugcavnw , Aesch. :— to reach to or as far as, h. Hom. : to meet with, find, Aesch. , Soph.
b. to attain to, be master of, obtain, Lat. potiri , Hdt ., Trag.
3. c. acc ., like Lat. potiri , to obtain, reach, find, Aesch ., Eur.
II. without a case, to happen, come to pass, Trag.
2. to be right, hit the exact truth, Soph.
3. as auxil. Verb, like tugcavnw with partic., to turn out, prove to be so and so, seswsmevno" kurei` Aesch. ; zw`n kurei` Soph .; ejcqro;" w]n kurei` Eur. ; with partic. omitted, it acts merely as the copula, to be, Trag.


kuØrhbavzw , f. avsw , to butt with the horns: metaph ., to; skevlo" kurhbavsei he shall come butt against my leg, or my leg shall butt him, kick him, Ar. (Perh. akin to kurivssw .)


kuØrhvbia , wn, tav , husks, bran: a bran-shop, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.)


Kurhvnh [ u<Eth>Ø ] , hJ , CyreneŒ, a Greek colony in Africa, Hdt. :—the people were called Kurhnai`oi , and the country hJ Kurhnaiva , Id.


ku<Eth>riva , hJ , fem. of kuvrio" ( signf. b. 1. 2.)


kuriavzw , = kurieuvw , Hesych.


ku<Eth>riakov" , hv, ovn , ( kuvrio" ) of or for a lord or master: esp. belonging to the LORD (CHRIST); K. dei`pnon the LORDs Supper, hJ kuriakh; hJmevra the LORDS day, dies Dominica, N.T. (Assumed to be original of the Teutonic kirk, kirche, church; but how this Greek name came to be adopted by the Northern nations, rather than the Roman name ecclesia, has not been satisfactorily explained.)

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