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ku<Eth>rieuvw , f. sw , to be lord or master of people orof a country, c. gen ., Xen.

2. to have legal power to do, c. inf ., ap. Aeschin. From kuvrio"


kuvrio" »u<Eth>1/4, a, on , and o", on : ( ku`ro" ):

I. of persons, having power or authority over, lord or master of, c. gen ., Pind. , Att. :— kuvriov" eijmi , c. inf. , I have authority to do, am entitled to do, Aesch. , etc. ; kuriwvteroi dou`nai better able to give, Thuc. 2. absol. having authority, authoritative, supreme, k. ei\nai to have authority, Plat. ; to; kuvrion the ruling power in a state, ta; kuvria the authorities, Soph ., Dem.

II. not of persons, authoritative, decisive, dominant, supreme, divkai Eur .; mu`qo" kuriwvtero" of more authority, Id., etc.

2. opp. to a[kuro" , authorised, ratified, valid, novmoi, dovgmata Dem .; k. qevsqai or poiei`sqaiv ti to appoint by authority, Soph ., Dem.

3. of times, etc. , fixed, ordained, appointed, Hdt ., Eur. , etc. ;—so, to; kuvrion the appointed time, Aesch. :—at Athens, kuriva ejkklhsiva a regular or ordinary assembly, opp. to suvgklhto" ejkklhsiva (one specially summoned), Ar.

4. legitimate, regular, proper, Aesch.
5. of words, authorised, vernacular, Lat. proprius , Arist.
B. as Subst. , kuvrio" , oJ , a lord, master, Lat. dominus , of gods, Pind. , Soph. , etc. : the head of a family, master of a house, Aesch. , etc. :—later, kuvrie was a form of respectful address, like our sir, N.T.

2. kuriva, hJ , mistress or lady of the house, Lat. domina , Menand., etc.
II. oJ Kuvrio" , the LORD, = Hebr. JEHOVAH, LXX .; in N.T. esp. of CHRIST. Hence kuriovth"


ku<Eth>riovth" , hto", hJ , dominion, N.T.


kuØrivssw , Att. -ttw , f. ivxw , ( kovru" ) to butt with the horns, Plat .: —metaph. of floating corpses knocking against the shore, Aesch.


ku<Eth>rivw" , Adv. of kuvrio" , like a lord or master, authoritatively, Aesch.

II. regularly, legitimately, properly, k. e[cein to be fixed, hold good, Id.; k. aijtei`sqai , suo jure, Soph. , etc.

III. of words, in their proper sense, Arist.


kuvrma , ato", tov , ( kuvrw ) that which one meets with or finds, i.e. booty, prey, spoil, Hom.

II. of a person, one who gets booty, a swindler, Ar.


Kuvrno" , hJ , Cyrnus, old name of Corsica, Hdt. : oiJ Kuvrnioi Id.

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