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ka±la±miv" , i`do", hJ , ( kavlamo" ) a reed fishing-rod, Anth.


ka±la±mivsko" , oJ , Dim. of kavlamo" , a bit of reed, used as a phial, Ar.


kalami`ti" , ido", hJ , = kalamaiva , Anth.


ka±la±movei" , essa, en , of reed, Eur. From kavlamo"

kavlamo", KA vLA MOS, kavlamo"

KA vL ØAMOS »ka±1/4, oJ , a reed, larger than the dovnax , Lat. arundo , being used for thatching houses or even for making the walls, Hdt. ; for making mats or crates, Id., Thuc.

II. anything made of reed or cane:
1. a reed-pipe, flute, Pind ., Eur.
2. a fishing-rod, Theocr.
3. an arrow, Horat.
III. collectively, of plants, which are neither bush ( u{lh ), nor tree ( devndron ), Xen.
2. a mat of reeds, Plat.
IV. = kalavmh , the stalk of wheat, Xen.


ka±la±mo-stefhv" , ev" , ( stevfw ) covered with reed, Batr.


ka±la±mov-fqoggo" , on , played on a reed, of tunes, Ar.


ka±la±m-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) like reed, full of reeds, Anth.


ka<Eth>lavpou" , podo", oJ , ( ka`lon ) a shoemakers last, Plat.


kalavsi<Eth>ri" , io", hJ , a long garment, with fringe at bottom, Hdt.

II. the Kalasivrie" were a branch of the military caste in Egypt, Id. (Egypt. word.)


ka±lau`roy , opo", hJ , a shepherds staff, which was thrown so as to drive back the cattle to the herd, Il., Anth. (Deriv. unknown.)


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