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kalevonti , Dor. for kalevousi, kalou`si .


kaleu`ntai , Dor. for kalou`ntai .


kaleu`nto , Dor. for ejkalevonto , 3 pl. impf. pass. of sq.

ka levw, KA LE vW, kalevw

K ØALE vW , Ep. inf. kalhvmenai : Ion. impf. kaleveskon ; fut. Ion. kalevw , Att. kalw` ( kalevsw is aor. I subj.
): aor. I ejkavlesa , Ep. ejkavlessa, kavlessa : pf. kevklhka :— Med. , f. Att. kalou`mai (also in pass. sense), later kalevsomai : aor. I ejkalesavmhn , Ep. kalessavmhn :— Pass. , f. keklhvsomai : aor. I ejklhvqhn : pf. kevklhmai , Ion. 3 pl. keklevatai ; Ep. 3 pl. plqpf. keklhvato ; opt. keklhv/mhn, keklh`/o :

I. to call, summon, Hom ., etc. : Med. to call to oneself, Id.
2. to call to a repast, to invite, Od.; k. ejpi; dei`pnon Hdt ., Xen. ; klhqevnte" prov" tina invited to his house, Dem.

3. to call on, invoke, tou;" qeouv" Hdt ., Att. ; so in Med. , Aesch. , etc. :—but ajrav", a{" soi kalou`mai curses, which I call down on thee, Soph. :—in Pass. , of the god, to be invoked, Aesch.

4. as law-term, of the judge, to cite or summon before the court, Ar. , Dem. ; pri;n th;n ejmh;n »divkhn1/4 kalei`sqai before it is called on, Ar.
b. of the plaintiff, in Med. , kalei`sqaiv tina to sue at law, Lat. vocare in jus , Id., etc.
II. to call by name, to call, name, Il., Trag:— o[noma kalei`n tinav to call him a name (i.e. by name), Od.; so, without o[noma, tiv nin kalou`sa tuvcoimÆ a[n ; Aesch. :— Pass. , tuvmbw/ dÆ o[noma sw`/ keklhvsetai a name shall be given to thy tomb, Eur.

2. in pf. pass. kevklhmai , to have received a name, to bear it, often = eijmiv , to be, ou{neka sh; paravkoiti" kevklhmai because I am thy wife, Il.; povsi" keklhmevno" ei[h were to be my spouse, Od.;—rarely in pres. , ejmo;" gambro;" kalevesqai Ib.

3. poët. jAleisivou e[nqa kolwvnh kevklhtai where is the hill called the hill of Aleisios, Il.
b. foll. by a dependent clause, kalei` me, plasto;" wJ" ei[hn patriv , i.e. kalei` me plastovn , calls me a supposititious son, Soph.


ka±lhvmenai , Ep. for kalei`n , inf. pres. act. of kalevw .


ka±l-hvmero" , on , ( hJmevra ) with fortunate days, Anth.


kavlhmi , Aeol. for kalevw .


ka±lhvtwr , oro", oJ , ( kalevw ) a crier, Lat. calator , Il.


ka±liav , Ion. -ihv , hJ , a wooden dwelling, hut, barn, Hes .: a birds nest, Theocr. »i<Eth> Hes .; Theocr .]

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