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kallonhv , hJ , ( kavllo" ) beauty, Hdt ., Eur.


kavllo" , eo" , Att. ou", tov , ( kalov" ) beauty, Hom ., etc. :— ej" kavllo" with an eye to beauty, so as to set off her beauty, Eur. ; but, eij" k. zh`n for pleasure, Xen.

2. of persons, a beauty, Id., Luc.
3. in pl. also rich garments and stuffs, Aesch ., Plat. ; kavllea khrou` beautiful works of wax, i.e. honeycombs, Anth.


kallosuvnh , hJ , poët. for kavllo" , Eur.


kavlluntron , tov , an implement for cleaning, broom, Plut.


kalluvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , f. uØnw` , ( kalov" ) to beautify: metaph. to gloss over, Soph.

2. Med. to pride oneself in a thing, Plat.


kall-wpivzw , f. ivsw , ( w[y ) properly, to make the face beautiful; hence, to beautify, embellish, Plat .:— Pass. , kekallwpismevnai to; crw`ma , i.e. painted, Xen.

II. Med. to adorn oneself, make oneself fine or smart, Plat .: metaph. to pride oneself in or on a thing, tini or ejpiv tini Id.:— absol. to make a display, shew off, of a horse, Xen.

2. to be coy, play the prude, tini or prov" tina towards another, Plat. ; c. inf ., k. paraitei`sqai to affect to deprecate, Plut. Hence kallwvpisma


kallwvpisma , tov , ornament, embellishment, Plat .; and kallwpismov"


kallwpismov" , oJ , an adorning oneself, making a display, Plat ., Xen.

II. ornamentation, eij" k . for ornament, Xen .; kallwpismoi; peri; to; sw`ma Plat.


ka±lo-didavskalo" , oJ , a teacher of virtue, N.T.


ka±lokajga±qiva , hJ , the character and conduct of a kalo;" kajgaqov" , nobleness, goodness, Xen ., Dem. ; and kalokajgaqikov"


ka±lokajga±qikov" , hv, ovn , besseming a kalo;" kajgaqov" , honourable: Adv. -kw`" , Plut.

2. inclined to kalokajgaqiva , Id. From kalokajgaqov"

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