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II. the cover or lid of a quiver, Hdt.


ka±luvptw ( lengthd. from Root KALUB , v. kaluvbh ): Ep. impf. kavlupton : f. yw : aor. 2 ejkavluya , Ep. kavl- : Med. , aor. I ejkaluyavmhn :— Pass. , fut. kalufqhvsomai : aor. I ejkaluvfqhn : pf. kekavlummai : 3 sing. plqpf. kekavlupto :

I. to cover with a thing, pardalevh/ metavfrenon kavluyen Il.; nukti; kaluvya" Ib.: simply, to cover, mevlan dev eJ ku`ma kavluyen Ib.; pevtron cei;r ejkavluyen his hand covered, grasped a stone, Ib.; of death, tevlo" qanavtoio kavluyen ojfqalmouv" Ib., etc. ; of grief, to;n dÆ a[ceo" nefevlh ejkavluye Ib.; k. cqoni; gui`a , i.e. to be buried, Pind .; also, cqoniv, tavfw/ k . to bury another, Aesch. :— Med. to cover or veil oneself, Hom .: —Pass ., ajspivdi kekalummevno" w[mou" Il.; ejn claivnh/ kekal . Ib., etc.

2. like kruvptw , to cover or conceal; k. kardiva/ ti Soph .; Pass. , kekalummevnoi i{ppw/ concealed in the horse, Od.

3. to cover with dishonour, throw a cloud over, su; mh; kavlupteÆAqhvna" Soph.
II. to put over as a covering, Lat. circumdare , oiJ pevploio ptuvgmÆ ejkavluyen Il.; oiJ a[sin kaquvperqe kaluvyw I will put mud over him, Ib.; ajmfi; Menoitiavdh/ savko" eujru; kaluvya" Ib.


Ka±luywv , ovo" , contr. ou`", hJ , Calypso, a nymph, daughter of Atlas, who lived in the island Ogygia; so called because she hid ( ejkavluye ) Ulysses there, Od.


kalcaivnw , ( kavlch ) properly, to make purple: metaph. to make dark and troublous like a stormy sea, to ponder deeply, Soph ., Eur. Hence Kavlca"


Kavlca" , anto", oJ , Calchas the Greek Seer at Troy, properly the Searcher.

kavlch, KA vLCH

KA vLCH , hJ , the murex or purple limpet.


ka±lwvdion , tov , Dim. of kavlw" , a small cord, Ar ., Thuc.


kalw`" , Adv. from kalov" ; v. kalov" c.


kavlw" »a±1/4, oJ , gen. kavlw , acc. kavlwn : Ep. and Ion.


kavlo" , ou, oJ , a reefing rope, reef, Od., where the kavloi are distinguished from povde" (sheets) and uJpevrai (braces); kavlw" ejxi<Eth>evnai to let out the reefs, i.e. to set all sail, Eur .; metaph. , ejcqroi;ga;r ejxivasi pavnta dh; kavlwn are letting out every reef, i.e. using every effort, Id.; fovnion ejxivei kavlwn give a loose to slaughter, Id.; so, pavnta ejxievnai kavlwn Ar.

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