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II. generally, a rope, line, kavlwn katievnai to let down a sounding-line, Hdt.
2. a cable, Id.; prumnhvth" k . a stern cable, Eur .; ajpo; kavlw paraplei`n to be towed along shore, Thuc.


ka±lw-strovfo" , oJ , ( strevfw ) a rope-maker, Plut.


kavm , Ep. for katav before m , as ka;m mevn for kata; mevn, ka;m mevson for kata; mevson , Hom.


ka±mavkiØno" , on , ( kavmax ) made of reed or cane, Xen.

kavmax, KA vMAX

KA vMAX »ka±1/4, a±ko", hJ and oJ , a vine-pole, vine-prop, Il., Hes.

2. the shaft of a spear, Aesch ., Eur.
3. the tiller of the rudder, Luc.

ka mavra, KA MA vRA

K ØAMA vRA , Ion. -rh »ma±1/4, hJ , Lat. camera , anything with an arched cover, a covered carriage, Hdt.


ka±ma±sh`ne" , wn, oiJ , a kind of fish, Anth. (Foreign word.)


ka±ma±throv" , av, ovn , toilsome, troublesome, wearisome, h. Hom. :— tiring, exhausting, Luc.

II. pass. bowed down with toil, broken down, worn out, Hdt. From kavmato"


kavma±to" , oJ , ( kavmnw ) toil, trouble, labour, Od., Soph. , Eur.

2. the effects of toil, distress, weariness, Hom .; u{pnw/ kai; kamavtw/ ajrhmevno" (so Hor., ludo fatigatumque somno), Od.

II. that which is earned by toil, hJmevtero" kavmato" our hard-won earnings, Ib.; ajllovtrio" kavmato" the earnings of other mens toil, Hes.

2. the result of labour, a work, a thing wrought by the lathe, Anth.


ka±ma±t-wvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) toilsome, wearisome, Hes ., Pind.


kavme , Ep. for e[ka±me , aor. 2 of kavmnw .

II. kajmev , crasis for kai; ejmev .


ka±mei`n , aor. 2 inf. of kavmnw .

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