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kavptw ( lengthd. from Root KAP , v. kavph ): f. kavyw :— to gulp down, Ar ., etc. : cf. kekafhwv" .

ka pu rov", KA PU RO vS

K ØAP ØURO vS , av, ovn , dried by the air, dry, Theocr.

2. act. drying, parching, Id.
II. metaph. of sound, kapuro;n gela`n to laugh loud, Anth .; k. stovma a loud, clear-sounding voice, Theocr. , Mosch. ; k. surivzein to play clearly on the syrinx, Luc.


kapfavlara , for ka;p (i.e. kata; ) favlara .


kavr , for katav before rJ , as ka;r rJovon, kavr rJa Il.

kavr, KA vR

KA vR , hair cut off, a lock of hair, ( cf. keivrw , aj-karhv" ), tivw dev min ejn ka±ro;" ai[sh/ I value him but at a hairs worth, flocci eum facio, Il.

II. also = kavra, kavrh , head, ejpi; kavr head- long, Ib.


Kavr , oJ , gen. Ka<Eth>rov" , pl. Ka`re" , a Carian, Il., etc. ; fem.


Kaveira , Ib.:—the Carians hired themselves out as mercenaries, and were used to spare the lives of the citizen-soldiers; hence, ejn tw`/ Kari; kinduneuvein to make the risk, not with ones own person, but with a Carian, Lat. experimentum facere in corpore vili , Eur.


kavra<Eth> , Ion. kavrh »a±1/4, tov , (on the forms and Root, v. infr.):— poët. for kefalhv , the head, Il., etc.

2. the head or top of anything, as of a mountain, Hes. ; the edge or brim of a cup, Soph.
3. in Att. Poets, it is used like kefalhv , periphr. for a person, Oijdivpou kavra , i.e. Oijdivpou" , Soph. ; w\ kasivgnhton k ., for w\ kasivgnhte , Id., etc. Hom. used kavrh only in nom. and acc. sing. and pl. , and supplied the obl. cases from decl. 5. gen. and dat. kavrhto", kavrhti , also ka±rhvato", ka±rhvati ; pl. ka±rhvata (formed as if from a nom. kavrhar or kavrha" ): later Poets inflected kavrh as of decl. 1, viz. kavrh", kavrh/, kavrhn ; Trag. dat. kavra/ .


ka<Eth>ra±bo-provswpo" , on , with the face of a kavrabo" , Luc.

kavrabo", KA vRA BOS

KA vR ØABOS »ka<Eth>-1/4, oJ , the stag-beetle, Arist.


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