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karkaivrw , to quake under the feet of men and horses, Lat. tremere , Il. (Formed from the sound.)


karkivno" »iØ1/4, oJ , with heterog. pl. karkivna , a crab, Lat. cancer , Batr., Ar. , Plat. :—proverb., ou[pote poihvsei" to;n karkivnon ojrqa; badivzein Ar.

II. a pair of tongs, Anth .: karkivna compasses, Id.


karkiØnov-ceire" , wn , with crabs claws for hands, Luc.


Kavrneia , poët. Kavrnea, tav , a festival held in honourof Apollo Kavrneio" by the Spartans, during nine days of the Att. month Metageitnion, called by them Karnei`o" mhvn , Eur. , Thuc.


Kavrpa±qo" , Ep. Kravpaqo", hJ , an island between Crete and Rhodes, Hom.


karpaiva , hJ , a mimic dance of the Thessalians, Xen. (Perh. from aJrp-avzw .)


karpavliØmo" , on , ( v. kraipnov" ) swift, Lat. rapidus , Il.: Adv. -mw" , swiftly, rapidly, Ib.

2. in Pind. , gevnue" k . eager jaws.


karpivzw , f. sw , ( karpov" ) to make fruitful, fertilise, Eur.


kavrpimo" , on , fruit-bearing, fruitful, Aesch ., Eur. , etc. :— kavrpima, tav , fruit-trees or corn-fields, Ar .; kavrpima ajgaqav property that yields a produce, opp. to a[karpa , Arist. :— metaph. , tw`n xevnwn tou;" k . rich foreigners from whom money can be wrung, Ar.


karpo-gevneqlo" , on , fruit-producing, Anth.

karpov", KARPO vS, Kavrpo", karpov"

KARPO vS (A), oJ , fruit, karpo;" ajrouvrh" , i.e. corn, Il.; so, k. Dhvmhtro" Hdt ., etc. ; of trees, Od., etc.

II. generally, produce, returns, profits, Hdt ., etc. ; oiJ karpoi; ejk tw`n ajgelw`n the produce of the herds, Xen.

III. of actions, fruit, result, profit, eij karpo;" e[stai qesfavtoisi if his oracles shall bear fruit, i.e. be fulfilled, Aesch. ; glwvssh" mataiva" k ., i.e. curses, Id.; k. ejpevwn ouj katevfqine , i.e. poesy, Pind. ; k. frenw`n wisdom, Id.

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