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victories in the chariot-race (Castor being the inventor of the xunwriv" ), Pind. , Plut. ; oJ K. u{mno" Pind.


kastorivde" , aiJ , a Laconian breed of hounds, first reared by Castor, Anth. : also kastovriai kuvne" Xen.


Kavstwr , oro", oJ , Castor, son of Zeus (or Tyndareus) and Leda, brother of Pollux, Hom.

kavstwr, KA vSTWR

KA vSTWR , oro", oJ , the beaver, Hdt.


kavsceqon , Ep. for katevsceqon , poët. aor. 2 of katevcw .


kavt , for katav before t , v. sub kattav .


katav »ka±ta±1/4 , Prep. with gen. or acc. Radical sense down, downwards.

I. denoting motion from above, down from, bh` de; katÆ Oujluvmpoio karhvnwn Il., etc.
II. denoting downward motion,
1. down upon or over, kata; cqono;" o[mmata phvxa" Il.; of the dying, katÆ ojfqalmw`n kevcutÆ ajcluv" a cloud settled upon the eyes, Ib.; so, u{dwr kata; ceirov" , v. ceivr II . 6.

2. down into, nevktar stavxe kata; rJinw`n Od.; so, kata; cqono;" (or gh`" ) du`nai Trag .; kata; cqono;" kruvptein to bury, Soph. , etc.

3. eu[cesqai or ojmovsai katav tino" to vow or swear by a thing (because one calls down the vengeance of the gods upon it), Thuc. , Dem. :—also to make a vow towards something, i.e. make a vow of offering it, Ar.

4. in hostile sense, against, Aesch ., etc. ; esp. of judges giving sentence against a person, Id.; lovgo" katav tino" a speech against one accused, Lat. in aliquem ; lovgo" prov" tina an answer to an opponent, Lat. adversus aliquem .

5. Lat. de , upon, in respect of, concerning, skopei`n katav tino" Plat .; e[paino" katav tino" praise bestowed upon one, Aeschin. , etc.

I. of motion downwards, kata; rJovon down stream, Hdt. ; katÆ ou\ron ijevnai, rJei`n to sail down (i.e. with) the wind, Aesch.

2. of motion, on, over, throughout a space, Hom. , etc. ; kaqÆ \Ellavda Aesch .; kata; gh`n kai; qavlassan by land and sea, etc. :—also to hit upon the shield, Il.

3. opposite, over against, kata; Sinwvphn povlin Hdt .; ajnh;r katÆ a[ndra Aesch.
4. kata; to; proavsteion somewhere in the suburb, Hdt.
II. distributively, of a whole divided into parts, kata; fu`la, kata; frhvtra" by tribes, by clans, Il.; kata; kwvma" katw/kh`sqai to live in separate villages, Hdt. ; katÆ a[ndra man by man, Id.

2. so of parts of Time, kaqÆ hJmevran, katÆ h\mar day by day, daily, v. hJmevra III , h\mar. » 3.] of numbers, by so many at a time, kaqÆ e{na one at a time, Hdt .; kata; ta;" pevnte kai; ei[kosi mna`"

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