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pentakosiva" dracma;" eijsfevrein to pay 500 drachmae on every 25 minae, Dem. , etc.

III. of direction towards an object, plei`n kata; prh`xin on a business, for or after, Od.; kata; lhi?hn in quest of booty, Hdt. ; kata; qevan h{kein to have come for the purpose of seeing, Thuc.

2. of pursuit, katÆ i[cno" on the track, Soph.
IV. according to, kata; qumovn Hom .; kaqÆ hJmevtron novon after our liking, Il.; kata; moi`ran as is meet and right, Hom. ; so, katÆ ai\san, kata; kovsmon Id.; kaqÆ hJdonhvn so as to please, Aesch. ; kata; duvnamin to the best of ones power, et.

2. in relation to, concerning, ta; katÆ ajnqrwvpou" = ta; ajnqrwpinav , Aesch. ; so, to; kaqÆ uJma`" as far as concerns you, Hdt. ; kata; tou`to according to this way, in this view; kata; taujtav in the same way, kaqÆ o{ti so far as, etc.

3. implying comparison, kata; lopo;n kromuvoio like the coat of a leek, Od.; kata; Miqradavthn answering to the description of him, Hdt. ; kata; pnigeva very like an oven, Ar. ; khdeu`sai kaqÆ eJautovn to marry in ones own rank of life, Aesch. ; katÆ a[nqrwpon like a man, as befits a man, Id.; katÆ a[ndra, mh; qeovn Id.:—after a Compar. , meivzwn h] katÆ ajnqrwvpou greater than befits a man, Hdt. ; meivzw h] kata; davkrua too great to weep for, Thuc.

V. by the favour of a god, kata; daivmona , Lat. non sine numine , Pind .; kata; qeovn Hdt.
VI. of loosely stated numbers, nearly, about, kata; eJxhkovsia e[tea 600 years more or less, Id.
VII. of Time, during, sometime in a period, kata; to;n povlemon in the course of the war, Id.; kaqÆ hJmevran by day, Aesch.

2. about, kata; to;n aujto;n crovnon Hdt .; kata; [Amasin basileuvonta about the time of Amasis,

VIII. used periphr. for Adverbs, as, kaqÆ hJsucivhn, kata; tavco" , etc. , for hJsuvcw", tacevw" , Id.; kata; mevro" partially; kata; fuvsin naturally; etc.

C. Position: when katav follows its case it is written with anastr. kavta. [D.] absol. as Adv. like kavtw , downwards, Hom.

E. katav in Compos.,
I. downwards, down, as in katabaivnw. [II.] in answer to, in accordance with, as in katav/dw, kataquvmio" .

III. against, in hostile sense, as katagignwvskw, katakrivnw. [IV.] often only to strengthen the notion of the simple word, as katakovptw, katafagei`n. [F.] katav as a Prep. was sometimes shortened, esp. in Ep. into kavg, kavk, kavm, kavn, kavp, kavr, kavt , before g, k, m, n, p (or f ) , rJ, t (or q ), respectively; see these forms in their own places. Mss. and the older Edd. join the Prep. with the following word, as kaggovnu, kaddev, kakkefalh`", kappedivon, kapfavlara, karrovon, kattavde, kattovn , etc. In compd. Verbs, katav sometimes changes into kab, kal, kar, kat , before b, l, r, q , respectively, as kavbbale, kavtqane, kavllipe, karrevzousa ; and before st, sc , the second syll. sometimes disappears, as in kastornu`sa, kavsceqe, kassuvw , as also in Doric forms kabaivnwn, kavpeton .


katav , Ion. for kaqÆ a{ .


ka\/ta , crasis for kai; ei\ta .


katavba , for katavbhqi , aor. 2 imp. of katabaivnw .


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