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katabavdhn »ba±1/4 , Adv. going down or downstairs: cf. ajnabavdhn .


katabaqmov" , Att. -basmov" , oJ , a descent, name ofthe steep descent from Nubia to Egypt, Aesch.


kata-baivnw : f. -bhvsomai : pf. -bevbhka : aor. 2 katevbhn , poët. 3 pl. katevban ; imper. katavbhqi or katavba<Eth> ; Ep. 1 pl. subj. katabeivomen (for -bw`men ):— Med. , Ep. 3 sing. aor. I katebhvseto ; imperat. katabhvseo :— to step down, go or come down, Lat. descendere , ejx o[reo" from the mountain, Il.; k. povlio" to go down from the city, Ib.; k. divfrou to dismount from the chariot, Ib.; c. acc. loci, qavlamon katebhvseto she came down to her chamber, Od.:—but also c. acc ., katevbainÆ uJperwvi>a she came down from the upper floor, Ib.; klivmaka katebhvseto came down the ladder, Ib.; absol. to come down stairs, Ar .; hence in Pass. , i{ppo" katabaivnetai the horse is dismounted from, Xen.

2. to go down from the inland parts to the sea, esp. from central Asia ( cf. ajnabaivnw II . 3), Hdt. ; k. ej" Peiraia` , Plat.

3. to come to land, get safe ashore, Pind.
4. to go down into the arena, k. ejpÆ a[eqla Hdt .; and absol. , like Lat. in certamen descendere , Soph ., Xen.

5. of an orator, to come down from the tribune, katavba : —answer, katabhvsomai Ar.
6. povsow katevba toi ajfÆ i{stw ; at what price did [the robe] come down from the loom? Theocr.
II. metaph ., katabaivnein ei[" ti to come to a thing in the course of speaking, katevbaine ej" litav" he ended with prayer, Hdt. ; c. part ., katevbainen paraiteovmeno" ended in begging, Id.; k. ejpi; teleuthvn Plat.

B. trans. to bring down, Pind.


kata-bakciovomai , ( Bavkco" ) Pass. to be full of Bacchic frenzy, katabakciou`sqe druo;" klavdoi" in oak-wreath ye rave with Bacchic fury, Eur.


kata-bavllw , f. -ba±lw` : aor. 2 katevba±lon , Ep. 3 sing. kavbbale :— to throw down, overthrow, Hom ., etc. ; k. eij" to; mhdevn to bring down to nothing, Hdt.

2. to strike down with a weapon, to slay, Il., Hdt. , etc.
3. to throw 3r bring into a certain state, Eur. , Plat.
4. to cast down or away, cast off, reject, Xen.
II. in milder sense, to let fall, drop down, Hom .; k. iJstiva to lower sail, Theogn. ; ta;" ojfru`" k . Eur.
2. to lay down, set down, Lat. deponere , Il., Ar.
3. to bring or carry down, esp. to the sea-coast, Hdt.
4. to pay down, yield or bring in, Id.:— to pay down, pay, Thuc ., etc. :— Med. to cause to be deposited, Dem.

5. to put in, render, marturivan Id.
6. to throw down sed, sow, Id.; k. favtin , Lat. spargere voces , Hdt.
7. to lay down as a foundation, mostly in Med. , Eur. :— Pass. , katabeblhmevno" laid down, ordinary,

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