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kataggeliva , hJ , proclamation, Luc. From kataggevllw


kat-aggevllw , f. elw` , to denounce, betray, Xen.

2. to declare, povlemon Lys. Hence katavggelto"


katavggelto" , on , denounced, betrayed, Thuc.


katav-geio" , Ion. katav-gaio" , on , ( gh` ) in or under the earth, underground, subterranean, Hdt ., Xen. , etc.


Kata-gevla , hJ , Comic name of a supposed town, with a play on the Sicil. Gela, Gevla kai; Katagevla Ar.


katagevlasto" , on , ridiculous, absurd, Hdt ., Ar. : Adv. -tw" , Sup. -tovtata , Plat. From katagelavw


kata-gelavw , f. avsomai : Pass. , pf. -gegevlasmai :— to laugh at, jeer or mock at, c. gen ., Hdt. , Ar. , etc. ; also c. dat ., Hdt. :— absol. to laugh scornfully, Eur ., Ar. , etc.

2. c. acc. to laugh down, deride, Eur .: —Pass. to be derided, Aesch ., Ar. , etc.


katav-gelw" , wto", oJ , mockery, derision, ridicule, Lat. ludibrium , ejmautou` katagevlwta tavde ; these ornaments which bring ridicule upon me? Aesch. ; k. platuv" sheer mockery, Ar .; oJ k. th`" pravxew" the crowning absurdity of the matter, Plat.


kata-ghravskw and -ghravw : f. -ghravsomai »a<Eth>1/4 , and avsw : aor. I -eghvra<Eth>sa :— to grow old, Lat. senescere , Od., Hdt.


kata-givgnomai , Ion. and later -givnomai »i<Eth>1/4 :— to abide, dwell, ap. Dem.


kata-gignwvskw , Ion. and later -gi<Eth>nwvskw : f. -gnwvsomai :— to remark, discover, esp. something to ones prejudice, oujk ejpithvdea katav tino" k . having formed unfavourable prejudices against one, Hdt. ; katagnou;" tou` gevronto" tou;" trovpou" having observed his foibles, Ar.

II. c. acc. criminis, to lay as a charge against a person, kakivan, ajdikivan k. tinov" Plat .: —Pass ., pf. part. kategnwsmevno" condemned, N.T.

2. c. gen. criminis, paranovmwn k. tinov" Dem.

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