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3. c. inf ., k. eJautou` ajdikei`n to charge oneself with wrong-doing, Aeschin. ; so, k. eJautou` mh; perievsesqai he passed sentence of non-survival against himself, Thuc. : Pass. , katagnwsqei;" newvtera prhvssein being suspected of doing, Hdt.

III. c. acc. poenae, to give as judgment or sentence against a person, k. tino;" qavnaton to pass sentence of death on one, Lat. damnare aliquem mortis , Thuc .: —Pass ., qavnatov" tino" katevgnwsto ap. Dem.

2. of a suit, to decide it against one, divkhn Ar .: —Pass. to be decided, Aesch.


kat-a±givzw , Ion. for kaq-agivzw .


kat-a±gi<Eth>nevw , Ion. for katavgw , to bring down, Od.

II. . to bring back, recall, Hdt.


kat-agla±i?zw , to glorify, Anth.


kata-glwttivzomai , pf. kateglwvttismai , Pass. to be talked down, Ar.


kavtagma , ato", tov , ( katavgw ) wool drawn or spun out, worsted, Plat .: a flock of wool, Soph.


kata-gnavmptw , f. yw , to bend down, Anth.


kata-gnavfw , to comb away, lacerate, Hdt.


kat-avgnu<Eth>mi , inf. -uvnai »uØ1/4 , or katagnuvw : f. katavxw : aor. I katevaxa , part. katavxa" :— Pass. , aor. 2 kateavghn »a<Eth>1/4 , opt. kata<Eth>geivhn :— pf. kateva<Eth>ga , Ion. katevhga (in pass. sense):— to break in pieces, shatter, shiver, crack, Hom ., Att.

2. to break up, weaken, enervate, Eur ., Plat.
II. Pass. with pf. act. to be broken, dovrata katehgovta Hdt .; kateagevnai or katagh`nai th;n kefalhvn to have the head broken, Ar ., etc. ; c. gen ., th`" kefalh`" katevage he has got a bit of his head broken, Id.


katavgnwsi" , ew", hJ , ( katagignwvskw ) a thinking ill of, a low or contemptuous opinion of, c. gen ., Thuc.

II. judgment given against one, condemnation, Id., Dem. ; tou` qanavtou to death, Xen.


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