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kat-aiqa±lovw , f. wvsw , to burn to ashes, Eur ., Ar. :— Pass. , »Troiva"1/4 puri; kath/qalwmevnh" Eur.


kat-aiquvssw , f. xw , to wave or float adown, plovkamoi nw`ton kataivqusson Pind .; Kavstwr kataiquvssei eJstivan Castor sheds his lustre down upon the hearth, Id.


kat-aivqw , to burn down, burn to ashes, Aesch ., Eur. :— metaph. of love, Theocr.


kat-aikivzw , f. Att. iw` : Pass. , pf. kathv/kismai :— to wound severely, to spoil utterly, Od.; so Med. , Eur.


kataivnesi" , ew", hJ , an agreement: a betrothal, Plut.


kat-ainevw , f. evsw , poët. hvsw , to agree to a thing, approve of it, c. acc. rei, Hdt. ; also c. dat. rei, Thuc.

2. to agree or promise to do, c. inf ., Pind. , Soph. ; also, k. tou`ton basileva sfivsi ei\nai to agree that he should be king, Hdt.

3. to grant, promise, Soph .: to promise in marriage, betroth, Eur.


kat-airevw , Ion. for kaq-airevw .


kat-aivrw , f. -a±rw` , intr. to come down, make a swoop, of birds, Ar. ; of persons, Eur. , etc.

II. of ships, to put into port, put in, Thuc.


kat-aisqavnomai , f. -aisqhvsomai , Dep. to come to full perception of, Soph.


kat-aivsio" , on , all righteous, Aesch.


kat-aiscunthvr , h`ro", oJ , a dishonourer, Aesch.


kat-aiscuvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , f. uØnw` , to disgrace, dishonour, put to shame, Od., Hdt. , Att. ; th;n sh;n ouj kat. fuvsin I put not thy nature to shame, i.e. show myself not unworthy of thee, Soph. ; ejmo;n kataivscune crevo" covered me with dishonour in that my debt remained unpaid, Pind.

II. Med. to feel shame before, qeouv" Soph .; so in aor. I pass ., kataiscunqh`nai, o{pw" mh; dovxei . . to be ashamed of being thought, Thuc.

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