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overthrow hopes, Eur. :— Pass. to be bent (by intreaty), Aeschin.


kata-kavrfomai , Pass. to wither away, Aesch.


katakauvsa" , aor. I part. of katakaivw .


kata-kaucavomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to boast against one, exult over him, tino" or katav tino" N.T .: to have no fear of, tino" Ib.


katakei`ai , Ep. aor. I inf. of katakaivw .


katav-keimai , Ep. 3 pl. katakeivatai , Ion. -kevatai ; subj. -kevwmai : Pass. , only in pres. and impf. with fut. med. -keivsomai :— to lie down, lie outstretched, Hom ., Ar.

2. to lie hid, lurk, Hom. 3 to lie stored up, Lat. reponi , Il., Hes.
4. to lie sick, Hdt .:—also to lie idle, Xen.
5. to recline at meals, Lat. accumbere , pi`ne, katavkeiso Ar. 6. of land, to lie sloping to the sea (so Horat. Usticae cubantis), Pind.


kata-keivomen , Ep. for -kevwmen , aor. I subj. of katakaivw .

II. also subj. of katakeivw .


kata-keivrw , f. -kerw` , to shear off: Med. , k. ta;" kefalav" to crop their heads close, Hdt.

II. metaph. to cut away, destroy, squander, Od.


kata-keivw , used as fut. of katavkeimai, katakeivete oi[kadÆ ijovnte" Od.; speivsante" katakeivomen ( Ep. for -keivwmen ) Ib.; kakkeivonte" e[ban ( Ep. part .) they went to lie down, Hom.


katakekravkth" , ou , voc. -kekra`kta, oJ , one who cries down, a bawler, Ar.


katakevkliØso , 2 sing. plqpf. pass. of kataklivnw .


kata-keleuvw , f. sw , to command silence, Ar .: generally, to command, c. inf ., Plut.

II. of the keleusthv" , to give the time in rowing, Ar.

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