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kat-algevw , f. hvsw , to suffer much, feel sore pain, Soph.


kata-levgw , f. xw , to lay down: Med. and Pass. to lie down, go to bed, aor. I katelevxato Hom .; Ep. syncop. aor. 2 pass. katevlekto Il., etc. ; part. katalevgmeno" and inf. katalevcqai Od.; f. katalevxomai Hes.

II. to pick out, choose out of many, Hdt. :— to choose as soldiers, to enrol, enlist, Ar ., Thuc. ; Med. to choose for himself, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc. :— Pass. to be enlisted or enrolled, Lat. conscribi , Hdt ., etc.

III. to recount, tell at length or in order, in fut. or aor. I , tau`ta katalevxw Il.; pa`san ajlhqeivhn katavlexon Ib.:— Pass. , touvtwn dh; tw`n katalecqevntwn of those which have been recounted, Hdt.

2. to reckon up, Od., Hdt. , etc.


kata-leivbw , f. yw , to pour down; absol. to shed tears, Eur .:— Pass. to drop down, Il., Eur. Hence katavleipto"


kat-avleipto" , on , anointed, Ar.


kata-leivpw , Ep. also kalleivpw , f. kalleivyw , aor. 2 kavlliØpon ; Ion. impf. kataleivpeskon :— Med. and Pass. , fut. med. (in pass. sense), also fut. kataleifqhvsomai :— to leave behind, Il.; esp. of persons dying or going into a far country, oi|ovn min Troivhnde kiw;n katevleipen jOdusseuv" Od.; k. tina; movnon Soph. , etc. ; so in Med. , kataleivpesqai pai`da" to leave behind one, Hdt ., etc. :— Pass. kataleleimmevno" tou` a[llou stratou` being part of the army left behind, Id.

2. to leave as an heritage, Od., Att. ; kataleivyei oujde; tafh`nai will leave not enough to be buried with, Ar.

3. in Med. , simply, to leave in a certain state, Hdt.
II. to forsake, abandon, leave in the lurch, Hom ., Att.
III. to leave remaining, ojktw; movnon Xen .: Med. to reserve for oneself, Id.:— Pass. , kataleivpetai mavch yet remains to be fought Id.

2. to leave alone, Id.


kata-leitourgevw , f. hvsw , to spend all ones substance in bearing the public burdens ( leitourgivai ), Dem.


katavleiyi" , ew", hJ , ( kataleivpw ) a leaving behind, Plat.


kata-leptologevw , f. hvsw , to waste in subtle talk, Ar.


kata-leuvw , f. sw , to stone to death, Hdt ., Ar. , etc.

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