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2. to coerce, tina; ej" xummacivan Thuc.


kat-anavqema , a curse, N.T. Hence katanaqemativzw


katanaqema±tivzw , f. sw , to curse, N.T.


katanaivw , to make to dwell, settle, only used in aor. I katevnassa Hes .: —Med ., aor. I katanassamevnh Aesch .: —Pass. to take up ones abode, dwell, only in aor. I katenavsqhn , Eur. ; poët. 3 pl. katevnasqen Ar.


kat-ana<Eth>livskw , f. -ana<Eth>lwvsw : aor. I -hnavlwsa :— Pass. , aor. I -ana<Eth>lwqh`nai :— to use up, spend, lavish, Xen. , Plat. :— Pass. , with pf. act ., to be lavished, Plat.


kata-narkavw , f. hvsw , to be slothful towards, press heavily upon, c. gen ., N.T.


kata-navssw , f. xw , to stamp or beat down firmly, Hdt.


kata-nauma±cevw , f. hvsw , to conquer in a sea-fight, Xen ., etc. :— Pass. to be so conquered, Luc.


kata-nevmw , f. -nemw` , to distribute, allot, assign, esp. as pasture-land, Hdt ., Dem.

2. to distribute, divide into separate bodies, Xen .:—of a single person, k. tina; eij" th;n tavxin to assign him to his post, Aeschin.

II. Med. or Pass. to divide among themselves, Thuc ., Plat.
2. to occupy with cattle, to graze land, Lat. depasci , Isocr .: —metaph. to plunder, Babr.


kata-neuvw : f. neuvsomai : aor. I katevneusa , Ep. part. kanneuvsa" :— to nod assent, Il.: c. acc. rei, to grant, promise, Ib.; so c. inf ., generally, to make a sign by nodding the head, Od.


kata-nevw , Ion. -nhvw , aor. I -evnhsa , to heap up, Hdt.


kat-anqra±kivzw , f. ivsw , to burn to cinders, Anth.


kat-anqra±kovomai , Pass. to be burnt to cinders, pf. part. kathnqrakwmevno" Soph .; aor. I

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